Name: Kurt Hummel
Age: Timelord
Occupation: Consulting Detective / Prince Arthur's man-servant / Barista at The Lima Bean, Westerville
Sexual Preference: Anything with a bow-tie, a time machine, designer shoes and a Dalton blazer.
Hobbies: Hardcore fangirling. Reading made up stories about made up people. Baking sparkly cupcakes. Singing about love in the pouring rain. Riding homosexual unicorns across rainbows. Updating my website: 'The Science Of Deduction'.
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Anonymous: I love you.


Reblog if you have a love/hate relationship with CP Coulter.



how do people actually live without books

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things i hope julian does in 2012

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I’d be lying if I said I haven’t just spent two hours changing my tumblr theme…

But I’m back, bitches.

We’re trying to trend #WeHaveNothingWithoutIHaveNothing over on twitter. Show Chris you care and head over and help us?